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Someone sent you money

Please register to receive it

To receive your money, simply select your bank so you can register your email address or mobile number and choose the account where you would like the money deposited.1

Select your bank

If your bank is not listed, select clearXchange to register


1Recipients must register a checking or savings account (deposit account) held at a U.S. financial institution.
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Mobile App Feedback

Do you want to tell us what you think about the Wells Fargo App? We're listening!

You can now rate this app and leave feedback, which we will use to enhance your experience.

Prior to signing on, go to the main menu and select "Rate Our App". Rate this app and tell us what we are doing well and what we can do even better.

*Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Apps only

Get notified on your app

With our Push Notifications, you will receive nearly instant notification when there are servicing items related to your account. You can also set up a balance notification and we'll send you a note when your balance falls below an amount that you pre-set.

Go to Settings and sign up today

*Available on iPhone and Android Apps only

Take a FastLook

With our new FastLook feature, you can easily and conveniently check your balance and perform other tasks without having to enter a username or password.

  • See account balances for up to five of your accounts
  • Get reminders of upcoming scheduled bill payments

Select FastLook from the app menu and try it today

*Available on iPhone and Android Apps only